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Affordable Photogrammetry

Turn your drone footage into high-resolution maps with our cost-effective solution

Robust Data Output

Effortless Automated Processing

Instantly initiate processing to easily generate Orthomosaics, DTMs, DSMs, point clouds, and much more

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable cloud Infrastructure

Adapting to your demands, regardless of site volume or capture regularity. Experience growth without boundaries

Try AerologixMaps

Get hands-on experience by trying out these demos, which include Orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models, 3D Mesh and a selection of measurement tools.

  • Golf Course

    Demo - Golf Course
  • Quarry

    Demo - Quarry
  • Urban Area

    Demo - Urban Area
  • Construction Site

    Demo - Construction Site

Our Key Features

All the features you seek, consolidated in one platform

  • Orthomosaics

    Experience the best of both worlds with our high-resolution Orthomosaic for precision mapping and in-depth analysis and Orthomosaic Lite for faster loading times and general site visualization. 

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and Contour Lines

    Harness the precision of our platform to visualize the earth’s surface intricacies with DTMs and DSMs. Complement this detailed view with contour lines, offering a clear representation of elevation changes across your mapped area.

  • 3D Models (available as .obj file)

    Elevate your visualization experience with our 3D mesh models, available for download as .obj files under the Digital Models category. Seamlessly integrate these models into your projects using any 3D viewer.

    Stay tuned for our upcoming in-house 3D model viewer on our portal for an enhanced, interactive experience.

  • Point Cloud

    Dive into detailed landscapes with our densified point cloud, or streamline your analysis with the simplified version. Tailor your data visualization to fit your project’s needs, ensuring precision or broader overviews as required.

  • Vegetation Indices

    Harness the power of AerologixMaps to extract essential vegetation indices such as NDVI, EVI, GCI, etc. Obtain critical insights into vegetation health and density, perfect for precision agriculture, forestry, and environmental assessments.

  • Area Estimation, Measurement, and Coordinate Collection Tools

    Accurately gauge areas, measure distances, and pinpoint coordinates with precision. Streamline your analysis and data collection, ensuring every detail is captured effortlessly.

  • Temporal Map Analysis

    Compare maps from distinct moments to unveil significant changes and trends. An indispensable tool for tracking land evolution, construction progress and making data-driven decisions.

  • Sharing Maps

    Collaborate effortlessly by sharing your maps with team members, stakeholders, or clients. Simplify communication, gather feedback, and drive project progress with seamless map-sharing capabilities.

  • Quality Reports

    Gain confidence in your data with comprehensive reports detailing the precision and accuracy of your map processing. Ensure consistency and reliability thus helping to make data-driven decisions with clarity.

  • Capability to upload in 
.zip format

    Utilize compressed .zip files for efficient data uploads, ensuring not only rapid transfers to the AerologixMaps platform but also faster map processing.

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Complimentary Gigapixels20204070
Images upto per process50075010003000
Sharing capabilityCheckCheckCheckCheck
Download capabilityCheckCheckCheckCheck
Additional GPs chargex$6.5 / GP$5 / GP$3.5 / GP
Storage limitx1 TB2 TB3 TB
Additional storage charge 
(per month)x$50 per 2 TBs$50 per 2 TBs$50 per 2 TBs
GCP Processingxx$49 per processingNo additional charges
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Frequently asked questions

If the answer you are looking for is not listed, please reach out to us at [email protected], and an Aerologix team member will be happy to help!

What is AerologixMaps?

AerologixMaps is a cutting-edge image-processing platform tailored for aerial mapping and imagery. It seamlessly transforms aerial captures into high-definition maps, offering users—from experts to novices—a streamlined experience and in-depth analysis capabilities. Dive into the world of aerial insights with AerologixMaps, where quality meets efficiency.

How is AerologixMaps different from other photogrammetry tools?

AerologixMaps differentiates itself by combining advanced processing capabilities with an intuitive interface, ensuring top-notch results swiftly. Moreover, it’s one of the most cost-effective photogrammetry tools available, delivering premium features without the premium price tag.

How can I try AerologixMaps once it’s live?

Once AerologixMaps is live, you can opt for one of our subscription plans to unlock its full potential. However, if you’re keen to test the waters first, we will also offer a free trial where you can process your raw images into interactive maps. Don’t forget to join our waitlist now for exclusive updates and a special discount upon launch. Your journey to advanced mapping starts with AerologixMaps!

I own a drone. How can I use it with AerologixMaps?

As a drone enthusiast, integrating your aerial captures with AerologixMaps can elevate your mapping experience. Here’s how:
1. Capture with Precision: Fly your drone and snap high-resolution images of your desired location. Remember to adhere to optimal flight planning, altitude, and image overlap for the best outcomes.
2. Seamless Upload to AerologixMaps: After your flight, connect online and effortlessly upload your images to our cloud platform via AerologixMaps. No high-end equipment or software installations required!
3. Efficient Image Processing: With AerologixMaps, transform your images into detailed maps, orthomosaics, and even 3D models with just a few clicks. Our platform ensures accuracy and speed in every process.
4. Dive into Analysis: Post-processing, delve into your results on AerologixMaps. Our user-friendly interface lets you navigate, measure, and derive insights seamlessly.
In essence, owning a drone and pairing it with AerologixMaps offers you a comprehensive solution to convert aerial shots into insightful data, aiding decisions across sectors like agriculture, construction, and more. Elevate your mapping journey with us!

I’m new to photogrammetry. Is AerologixMaps suitable for beginners?

AerologixMaps is tailored for both experts and beginners in photogrammetry. Its intuitive design simplifies aerial image processing, guiding users seamlessly. From mapping to 3D modeling, AerologixMaps handles the complexities, allowing newcomers to easily derive insights and visualize data. Dive into photogrammetry confidently with AerologixMaps by your side.

How can I join the waitlist for AerologixMaps?

Joining the waitlist for AerologixMaps is a breeze! Simply click on the “I’m interested” or “Join the waitlist” button and fill out the pop-up form. Once done, you’re on our list! Keep an eye on your emails for a special discount code we’ll send out just before our product launch. Don’t miss out! 🙂

How will the subscriptions and payments work with Aerologix Maps?

AerologixMaps will operate on a subscription-based model. Once you choose a subscription tier that fits your needs, you’ll be billed either monthly or annually, depending on your preference. Payments will be securely processed through Stripe. Features and capabilities will vary by subscription level, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone, from individual users to large enterprises. Additionally, you will be able to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription anytime

What kind of aerial imagery can I process with AerologixMaps?

With AerologixMaps, you can process various types of aerial imagery. Whether you have captured images for mapping, agriculture, topography, forestry, or 3D modelling purposes, AerologixMaps can handle it all. The tool is designed to optimize and streamline the process of transforming aerial captures into valuable data, making it a versatile tool for processing different types of aerial imagery.

Does AerologixMaps support Ground Control Points (GCPs)?


How can I stay updated about AerologixMaps’ launch and updates?

Joining the waitlist ensures you receive firsthand updates directly to your inbox. Additionally, by following Aerologix on our social media platforms, you’ll stay in the loop with all the latest news, features, and announcements. Stay connected and never miss an update!

What are the hardware and software prerequisites for using AerologixMaps?

AerologixMaps is a cloud-based platform, ensuring accessibility without heavy hardware requirements. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a modern web browser. For optimal performance, we recommend a stable internet connection and a device with at least 4GB RAM. No specific software installation is required, making it easy for users to get started without any technical hurdles.

What are the input and output formats supported by AerologixMaps?

Aerologix Maps supports common image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, and PNG as input formats for processing drone images. As for output formats, It can generate various products such as orthomosaics, digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), contour lines, point clouds, and 3D models. These outputs can be exported in formats like GeoTIFF, LAS, OBJ, and more, depending on the specific requirements of your project.

Is it possible to download a processed map on AerologixMaps?

Absolutely! With AerologixMaps, after processing your aerial imagery, you can easily download the resulting maps and models. Whether it’s a high-resolution orthomosaic, a detailed Digital Surface Model (DSM), a bare-ground Digital Terrain Model (DTM), informative contour lines, a dense point cloud, or a visually appealing 3D model, AerologixMaps ensures that your data is readily available for download. This flexibility allows you to integrate your processed data with other tools or software, ensuring seamless workflows and comprehensive analysis.

Is AerologixMaps compatible with popular drones like DJI Mavic Mini?

Yes, AerologixMaps is designed to be compatible with a wide range of drones, including popular models like the DJI Mavic Mini. Our platform processes imagery from various drone brands and models, ensuring flexibility for users. Whether you’re using a DJI Mavic Mini or another drone, AerologixMaps ensures optimal results for your aerial image processing needs.