Aerial Construction Photography Benefits, Cost and Purpose

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March 28, 2024
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So What is Aerial Construction Photography after all? 

Well in Simple words Aerial construction photography is a specialized form of photography that involves capturing images of construction sites from the air, yes it’s simple no deeper meaning is involved.

This form of photography is mainly done using drones, helicopters, or airplanes that are equipped with cameras. The purpose of aerial construction photography is to get a unique detailed view of the construction area, allowing for good site monitoring, better field documentation, and analysis of the project.

Uses Of Aerial Construction photography 

By using aerial drones photographers can have aerial images that present the entire picture of the construction site, including its layout, current progress, and surrounding environment. So all in all, aerial construction photography offers high advantages over the use of traditional ground-based photography, and one of them is the ability to capture the scale and scope of the project, as well as to identify potential issues or challenges that may arise.

Hence aerial construction photography is highly beneficial for the construction industry. Some of its main uses are monitoring of sites, showcasing of sites to investors, for land documentation purposes, and so on.

Overall, aerial construction photography is a very amazing form of photography that helps to improve the efficiency, safety, and overall success of construction projects.  Aerial photography is also very important and useful for aerial mapping, but let us look into its other set of benefits.

The Benefits of Aerial Construction Photography 

As we know clearly now about Aerial Construction Photography, let us look into its benefits. So one of the main benefits of aerial construction photography is that it makes it easy to detect the  current state of work and potential obstacles. Another good use is the ability to keep an eye that makes it possible to track development and spot possible Now you may be wondering are the only 2 main benefits and to clear your confusion we will say no there are several other benefits, listed below :

  • Comprehensive Site Overview: With Aerial photography you get a detailed overview of the construction site, allowing all the stakeholders to see and understand the scope of the entire project from a bird’s eye view. This perspective can help identify potential issues and plan construction activities more effectively.
  • Tracking the Progress: By capturing aerial images of the construction site at regular intervals, aerial photography helps in monitoring the work progress over time, which helps ensure that the project is on schedule and can also provide valuable documentation for regulatory purposes.
  • Better Safety: Aerial photography helps improve the overall safeness on construction sites by helping in quick identification of potential hazards and when all such issues are identified early, concrete steps can be taken to minimize the risks and ensure a safer working environment.
  • Site Marketing and Quick Promotion: Aerial photographs are easily usable for marketing and promotional purposes, helping to showcase the progress and scale of a construction project. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Aerial photography is not cheap because it is a valuable tech that helps reduce the rework and prolonged delays by identifying issues early, ultimately saving time and money on the project.

The Cost Of Aerial Construction Photography 

If you understand economics and finance it will be easy for you to understand the cost of aerial construction photography.

Aerial Construction Photography is done mainly via the use of drones so there is a cost of drone involved, then there will be licensed drone pilot who will be responsible for running the drone so count the resource cost, and after that there is the drone mapping software on which the drone will rely on to take construction site photos.

All this included makes the cost go higher but valuable in every sense as all these are necessary for aerial construction photography. So a basic rate can be anywhere in the range of 300$ to 3000$ or more depending on the need and use.

The Process of Aerial Construction Photography

The process for aerial photography seems very easy but its not, as it involves various levels of work stages and if any work level is not done correctly then you will not be able to get the best results.

Overview of the Process

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Planning and using the right equipment: Before starting the aerial shoot, the photographer connects with all the project managers or stakeholders to determine the main goals of the photography, the key areas to be photographed, and the best time for the shoot. Aerial construction photography generally requires high cost equipment, such as drones or helicopters, to capture the aerial images from above. 
  • Taking care of Safety: Safety is very important in aerial photography. Drone Pilots and photographers must follow the regulations and guidelines seriously to ensure safe operation of drones or helicopters. Safety measures also include ensuring the site is clear of workers and equipment that could be endangered by the aerial photography.
  • Flying the drone for capturing images: The photographer or drone pilot flies the drone over the construction site for capturing images from various angles and altitudes to get a full view of the project. Using the drone camera, the photographer captures various types of images that will later be processed and edited to create a final collection of photos.
  • Image Processing with right software: After the photography is completed the images are then uploaded to a computer for post-processing. This requires good editing that helps to enhance colors, contrast, and clarity, as well as stitching together multiple images to create panoramas or composite shots. Photogrammetry software is highly used for this purpose.

Now we are sure you must have understood that aerial construction photography requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and attention to detail to capture stunning aerial images that showcase the progress and completion of construction projects.

Final thoughts on Aerial Construction Photography

Doing Aerial construction photography requires a good amount of training, high tech software and drones and finally good planning skills. With the new found use of drones in the field of aerial imagery the construction planning is now easy compared to before.

To give you an idea of how aerial photography works we have tried our best to explain its process and benefits and hopefully this article will help you grow your knowledge on aerial photography.

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