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All The Features You Seek, Consolidated In One Platform:
  • Orthomosaics
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Digital Surface Models
  • 3D Mesh And A Selection Of Measurement Tools.
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Why Choose AerologixMaps?
Affordable Photogrammetry
Turn your drone footage into high-resolutionmaps with our cost-effective solution
Effortless Automated Processing
Instantly initiate processing to easily generate Orthomosaics, DTMs, DSMs, point clouds, and much more
Easy To Use
Its intuitive design simplifies aerial image processing, guiding users seamlessly. AerologixMaps handles the complexities, allowing newcomers to easily derive insights and visualize data.
Scalable cloud Infrastructure
Adapting to your demands, regardless of site volume or capture regularity. Experience growth without boundaries.
Drone Compatibility
AerologixMaps processes imagery from various drone brands and models, ensuring flexibility for users.
Input & Output Formats Available
AerologixMaps supports common image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, and PNG as input & can export in formats like GeoTIFF, LAS, OBJ, and more, depending on the specific requirements of your project.
Luis Otávio Moraes
Owner - Topoagro Topography
The orthophoto brings new information to the project, and makes it a more complete job. Customers began to feel a lot of difference and began to recommend it to other companies. Because in addition to the speed, quality and new information, the generated orthomosaic can be used by them for further analyses.
Edipo Ferreira
Project Execution Manager - 3E Architecture and Engineering
Without drone mapping, I had calculated that the topographical survey would take 3 weeks, taking up 75% of the project time. But with drones and AerologixMaps we managed to do it in 1 day, the difference is striking.
Bruno Niederauer
Structural Project Manager - Lumenk Solar Energy
The assertiveness of the mapping of the roof made with a drone is much greater, with precise and reliable measurements. We reduced 98% of the errors in the measurements. Also, the fact that there are no more physical limitations or a specific computer and software, allowed us to scale our smooth operation.